Super Close Drone Camera View of Volcanic Eruption

With today’s continually advancing camera equipment, from GoPro cameras to quadcopters that fly the cameras over nearly any landscape we can imagine, photographers are able to capture some truly amazing footage. Here, DJI takes us to the remote wilderness of Iceland, where they safely film a violently erupting volcano using a drone camera:

Eric Cheng and the DJI team brought Phantom 2 quadcopters, GoPro cameras and a Lightbridge high definition wireless transmission system to Bardarbunga Volcano in Iceland. With this equipment they were able to capture wide-angle views of molten lava erupting from the volcano, while they stood back at a safe distance and watched the action on the transmitter.

bardarbunga volcano photo

On the last flight over the volcano, the video feed suddenly cut out. When Cheng brought the quadcopter back in, he saw that the front of the GoPro was completely melted! Luckily, the micro SD card was OK so he was able to recover the footage.

melted gopro camera

Here’s a video montage of the action at Bardarbunga:

This video footage is absolutely incredible. It is mind-blowing what can be done these days with just a little $1000 drone!

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