Summer Fashion Shoot with Natural Light

When it comes to fashion photography, we immediately tend to think of high-end artificial lighting. In most cases, it’s true that fashion shoots have expensive studio lighting, since consistent lighting is what they usually need. But, it’s not that you can’t do fashion shoots using natural light. In this video, photographer Lindsay Adler with Adorama shares how you can do a bold and colorful fashion shoot using a seamless paper background and natural light:

The use of bold colors in the subject’s clothing and the background is straight-up inspired by vintage pinups and pop art. Using a seamless paper for the background allows you to control the look and feel of your images. This also has the benefit of simplifying your background while introducing rich, saturated, and vibrant colors into the scene. As a bonus, it also gets rid of the distractions in the background and emphasizes the subject.

And as you can see in the video, the images come out great even without artificial lighting. In fact, the natural light complements the theme quite well. The direct sunlight creates a high contrast, super-saturated and a bold look. Adding a strobe would not have brought about any significant changes to the final result.

If you’re looking to do a bold and colorful fashion shoot, definitely try out these tips from Adler.

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