Spring Landscape Photography Ideas

Spring is a great season for photographers. Everything seems fresh and vibrant, and it feels as if the surroundings just want to be photographed. To help you out, photographer Toma Bonciu shares some tips and ideas for photographing landscapes in the spring:

Go Into the Forest

The foggy mornings during springtime are great opportunities to take stunning images. Compose with the fresh greenery and foggy landscapes to create a mysterious look.

When processing your images, you can emphasize the fog by adding more light to it.

forest in spring time

Photograph Plants

Look around for new sprouts for capturing a sense of freshness and a new beginning. Shoot into the light, as the textures become more prominent this way.

Shoot at Sunrise

During spring, as the vegetation just starts to grow, you’ll notice patches of greens in the landscape. This can make for an interesting scene to photograph. Further, the soft golden light during sunrise adds to the overall beauty of the surroundings and enhances the image.

Isolate a Flower

The colors in your images can get overwhelming as the flowers start to bloom in spring. A good idea is to isolate a flower from the rest by using the greenery as a foreground and background. If you don’t have a macro lens, use a lens with a longer focal length. However, be sure to have a sufficient depth of field so most of the flower is in focus.

an isolated flower in spring

Go to the Countryside

The countryside is a great place to be during springtime. The fresh vegetation with the newly blossoming flowers and colorful trees look picturesque.

Photograph During Sunset

The soft golden light during sunset, clear beautiful weather, and charming blossoms all add up to beautiful looking images.

“As a landscape photographer, you always photograph during sunrise and sunsets. But, when you have vegetation that looks completely different from what it looks all year round, you have a really good opportunity.”

Search for Interesting Nature Elements

If you look around closely, you’ll come across various uncommon elements in nature. This is especially true during spring, as lots of regeneration occurs during this time. Be sure to keep your eyes open.

interesting natural elements in spring

Photograph Two Seasons in One Photo

With the snow just starting to melt, you may come across landscapes reminiscent of the harsh winter. Snowy mountains with new vegetation can give a feel of having two different seasons in one frame.

two seasons in one

Find Hills and Valleys

Seek out wet locations with hills and valleys to photograph. During sunrise, you’ll get foggy conditions that will make for dreamy images.

Get Painting-Like Images

See how you can capture images that remind your viewers of paintings. For this, just make sure that your composition is strong, yet simple. Do not over-complicate your composition. Again, using fog as an element of composition can add a sense of mystery.

What other tips do you have to photograph the joyful season of spring?

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