Special Effects Lightroom Presets

Add unique special effects onto your photos in just 1 click. From sun flares to light leaks to film burns and more. Over 100 presets in all for amazing additions to your photo editing. Found here: The Special Effects Preset Bundle

special effects presets

Special Effects Photography Presets

When shooting outdoors, a pretty sky is a key element to making a pretty photo. The 26 Sun Flare presets add beautiful colors to you skies, sparkling sun flares, and directional sun rays to your skies in just one click. Simply ‘layer’ these onto your image for a gorgeous sky.

sun flare presets

Sun Flare Presets

  • Don’t forget to edit your skies, the Sun Flare Presets Collection creates sunny and extra colorful skies in only 1 click.
  • These presets were custom built by utilizing radial filters and gradient filters so you can ‘layer’ them over your existing edits.
  • Beautiful, colorful skies take your photos to the next level and add a whole new dimension to them.
sun star photos

Before and After Examples

These 25 presets simulate real light leaks and film burns from film and toy cameras like Holga cameras to add a little more personality to your shots.

light leaks

Light leak and film burn presets

  • These 25 presets simulate real light leaks and film burns from film and toy cameras like Holga cameras to add a little more personality to your shots.
  • These presets use custom-built radial filters and gradient filters to make realistic effects. This means you can ‘layer’ them on top of your current photo edits without affecting the rest of your edits.
  • All presets work in just 1 click.
light leaks

Light leaks and film burns

The Tone Curve panel in the Develop Module is a secret weapon to editing in Lightroom. When you know how to properly manipulate the tone curve in your images, you can create really smooth, soft tones in the shadows and highlights that look amazing and drastically improve the impact to the viewer. The 25 Soft Tones Presets can help.

soft tones presets

Soft Tones Presets

  • These Soft Tones presets automatically adjust *only* the tone curve panel, creating gorgeous tones in your photos while leaving the rest of your edits alone.
  • The Soft Tones presets can be ‘stacked’ or ‘layered’ onto your other presets.
  • The presets are named in numerical order with simple descriptions so its easy to find the preset you need quickly.
  • Experiment with exciting new tones, shadows, and highlights in only 1 click.
soft tone photos

Soft Tone Photos

Sometimes you just need a good vignette to set up your photo. These presets let you add 25 different vignette options to finish your photos properly.

custom vignette

Custom Vignette Presets

Many of these borders were created to simulate ‘lomography’ effects on the vignettes for an old-school style.

Found here: The Special Effects Preset Bundle

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