Some Creative Ideas for Photography Gifts You Can Make

Want to give someone the gift of your photography but don’t quite have the money to spend on good quality framing or matting? Check out these six creative, yet slightly quirky ideas from COOPH:

Not all holiday gifts need to come from a store and making your own definitely lends a personal touch. All of these from COOPH can be made from simple household items and look like they can be done in less than a half an hour.

1. Picture Wine Glasses

Whether they’re for an intimate evening or a holiday bash, adding photos to the bottoms of the wine glasses will add a bit of holiday cheer. You’ll probably have to wash the glasses by hand afterwards, though.

Photography wine glasses

2. Lens Vase

Have some broken lenses hanging around? This might make the perfect gift for a special photographer friend. And if you’ve never seen what’s inside a lens before, this is a perfect time to find out. I’m not sure how well it will hold water, though.

camera lens vase

3. Photo Fan

This super cool gift is not only fun to make, but it looks beautiful too. What a great way to show off your photos (especially in a hot clime). All you need is a foldable printout, chopsticks, and some glue.

creating a photo fan

4. Photo Ornaments

If you’ve got family members who love to decorate for the holidays, then you’ll definitely want to try this out. Just be careful–it’s pretty easy to slip up and break the light bulb. (That’s why it’s important to wear gloves.)

DIY Christmas ornament

5. Picture Puzzles

If you have kids that love to play with Legos or building blocks, then they’ll get a blast out of this. You can put pictures of the whole family onto blocks and then mix and match. Or create a puzzle using more pieces and a larger photo.

picture puzzles


6. Photo Wreath

Holiday wreaths can definitely brighten up a space, but did you ever think of making one out of photos? This seems like the perfect project for kids and adults alike.

Making a photo wreath

While some DIY projects can seem pretty hit or miss, these holiday gift ideas are definitely some of my favorite. Granted, you may not be into washing your wine glasses by hand for ever more, nor does everyone tend to have broken lenses hanging around, but the fan and the ornaments seem especially nice.

Which are your favorites?

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