Snowdonia Landscape Photography Tutorial

At some point or another, every photographer gets the feeling their photography lacks some sort of flair or that their work is becoming stagnant. This can stem from photographing the same thing over and over again or not having enough of a challenge, and commercial photographer Sean Tucker was no different. However, instead of starting over on a new career, he decided to take on some kind of new challenge to recharge his love for photography:

From useful apps to various viewpoints, throughout this vlog-inspired tutorial video, Tucker shares details of how he plans out his photo shoots, including some of the top insights on how to keep yourself challenged with your work.

Tucker’s journey began like any other frustrated photographer, with a repetitive day-to-day routine that lead him into an autopilot mode. Eventually, he realized all he really needed to do was regularly break away from his typical studio work to go somewhere new or to work on something unfamiliar (e.g. camera technique, genre, etc.). Not only will this help to keep up your creativity, but it will also further your photography skills and avoid creating a monotonous routine.

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“I’ve kind of made a deal with myself now that I’m gonna keep doing this. I’m going to regularly go away, or just do something different with my photography that I’m not comfortable with…because it takes it away from just being…business photography to back to an art form and creativity.” –Tucker’s thoughts on keeping creative work practices

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