Ski Photography Portrait Session from Start to Finish

Remember the movie Hot Dog? The ’80s comedy about a bunch of goofy skiers. Well, imagine doing a whole commercial photo shoot in that style, and you’ve pictured photographer David Jackson’s latest project. Neon colored ski suits, big-haired blondes, and that creepy guy whose always recording everything on his VHS camcorder. Here’s a behind the scenes look at the Roastar project:

This is obviously not your typical photo shoot, but it’s nice to see something so fun and different than your fancy dressed up model. It really shows you what kind of variety there is out there in the commercial photography world.

commercial photo shoot

Not your average photo shot

If you’re curious about how the final images turned out, check out these videos showing Jackson’s post-processing. He discusses in-depth every step he makes in Photoshop from creating a composite image to better product placement to making drop shadows.

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