Sit Back and Enjoy This Meditative Timelapse of a Road Trip Across America

On a road trip from Montreal to Nevada in July 2013, Eric Paré and Marie-Line Migneault were aiming for Burning Man but got distracted by the natural beauty of the American West. They began regularly stopping, hopping out of their car, and shooting stop-motion and timelapse videos of the wild west, including celestial sunsets and sweeping panoramas:

Paré’s talent as a photographer can’t be denied, even if Migneault’s contrived meditative stoicism comes off a bit goofy sometimes. The video, entitled WindScale, certainly does make you want to grab a tent and head off on a good old American road trip. 





Last year we shared another cross-country timelapse with a distinctly busier take on the all-American road trip. But here, Paré and Migneault have managed to show us the calm, natural side of the US.

“It is an attempt at experimenting with stop-motion and timelapse techniques, but above all technical aspects, we simply wanted to immortalize a magical moment we experienced, gazing at the beauty of western US.” –Eric Paré

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