Shooting Mountain Bikers for Composite Photography

Erik Almås has traveled the world, toting his camera and gear to some incredibly remote areas. After finishing an assignment in Namibia, Almås decided to stick around an extra week to go on a personal photo adventure. The self portraits he took during that time were OK but did little to satisfy his high action style. Take a look at the video below to see how he managed to amp up his portraits a notch or two:

As an avid mountain biker, Almås wanted to somehow incorporate his passion for the trails with his Namibia photos. After some location scouting, he found a a great place on the outsides of San Francisco where the terrain somewhat resembled that of Namibia. He once again packed up his gear and invited a fellow mountain biker to the location with him where he took numerous shots of the biker doing different stunts.

shooting on location

Combining Action and Landscape for Composite Photography

Upon returning to his studio, he got to work on a lengthy post processing session where he composited the mountain biker into the Namibia photos using Photoshop to create the rather epic image you see above.

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