See the Process Behind an Elaborate Photo Shoot with a Horse

When Irwin Wong and crew wanted to create a photoshoot with a theme that paired with The Year of The Horse, he held no throws as he went all out in terms of equipment and creativity. As you can see in the behind the scenes clip , his dedication paid off. What he was able to produce is nothing short of awesome:

As mentioned before, Wong’s gear list was an impressive one. Any photographer would feel lucky to call the Hasselblad H5D-40 his shooting partner. Pair that with the HCD 35-90mm f/4-5.6 and HCD 150mm f/3.2 and the sky is the limit. To back up the powerful camera Wong employed a pair of battery powered Profoto B1, a Profoto RFi 36″ Octobox with a softgrid, a Profoto RFi 60″ Octobox, and to finish the collection a  Profoto RFi 4’x1′ Stripbox.

Irwin Wong's finished movie poster honoring The Year Of The Horse.

Irwin Wong’s finished movie poster honoring The Year of the Horse.

Once the the shoot was over, Wong moved right into post production where he composited the images together using Photoshop.

“We also had Profoto and Hasselblad lend me some pretty amazing gear for the shoot;  we got the new B1 battery-powered monoblocs, which were really, really handy in the middle of nowhere with no plugs in sight. From Hasselblad we had the pleasure of using an H5D-40, which has made it very difficult to go back to shooting with my Nikon (although yes, I realize that there are practical differences between the cameras that make it difficult to justify selling all my gear for one).”

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