Landscape Single & Multiple Exposure Technique eBooks

One of the first things we come to realize in landscape photography is that our cameras do not see the world as we do – expressing a brilliant beach sunset is easier said than done. These new eBooks were written to train photographers on how to harness the wild light of nature with single exposures or multiple exposures.

multiple frame landscape photography

Single Frame & Multiple Frame Landscape Photography In-depth eBooks

Photography is a marriage of both art and craft, and for our expressive artistic side to have space to flow, we must have a certain level of technical mastery. The single exposure book outlines the importance of being able to properly expose and focus digital RAW files to create what I call good exposures.

A good exposure in a DSLR is not one that looks like the final image, it is one that contains the most data that can be used to process an excellent image on the computer later..

Just as the photography masters of years gone by were experts in the darkroom, so must we become experts in the lightroom – the computer processing zone. Harvesting great light in our RAW files is key to providing us with the maximum opportunity to create meaningful and expressive images – our messages, our communication and our art.

Some of the many topics covered (140 pages):

  • Manual Exposure
  • Dynamic Range
  • The Histogram
  • RAW Files
  • Extending Dynamic Range
  • Limitations of GND’s
  • Hyper Focal Distance
  • Visualisation
  • Planning & Preparation
  • Timing
  • Using Lightroom 5
  • Layers & Selections if Photoshop
  • Dynamic Range & Exposure
  • Bracketing
seascape ebook pages

Pages from the new eBooks

  • Simple Gradients
  • Stylistic Blending
  • 32 Bit RAW Files
  • Advanced Selections
  • Topaz ReMask 3
  • White Balance Blending
  • Problem Panos
  • Parallax Errors
  • In Field Check List
  • Creative Vision

Multiple Frame Techniques is the final part of the Harvesting Light Seascape Series. It represents the culmination of over 3 years work to bring an instructional eBook series to the market that completely teaches the process of making expressive landscape photographs in any light, in any circumstances.

Limitations of cameras to handle Dynamic Range, or the physics of Optics prevent us making images that contain our desired Depth of Field, we now have the tools and skills available to blend multiple frames for Exposure and Focus.

Video tutorials are also included with the eBooks. One Hour and 45 minutes of video was recorded specifically to accompany the eBook text, the first time the author has spoken on film about his workflow.

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5 responses to “Landscape Single & Multiple Exposure Technique eBooks”

  1. Ron says:

    Can you tell us who the author is. This will help me decide if I want to purchase these. Thanks.

  2. Lee says:

    Sample page we can enlarge and read to assess the level and quality of instruction? Thanks.

  3. Mark says:

    Also, how many pages (or “spreads”, as another e-book publisher refers to them) in each of the books.

  4. Cliff Reynolds says:

    I purchased this Landscape Single and Multiple Exposure e-bay. I have a different phone and would like to put it on the new phone. Is there a way to do that.

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