Run, Baby, Run: A 3D Printed Stop Motion Photography Short

Professional and amateur photographers alike use stop motion photography to tell incredible stories with the use of the objects (and sometimes even the people) around them. This incredibly delicate technique involves carefully positioning everything in a frame, then altering the scene little by little, frame by frame, intentionally creating a choppy scene that has a distinct feel to it. The following video from Eran Amir is a great example of what talent and perseverence can achieve using stop motion photography:

In the video, Amir uses a handful of 3D printed small statues only a couple of inches tall; when shot in sequence they give the impression that a tiny baby is running. The effect itself is funny, but what Amir did with it goes way beyond that: he took these twenty mini-statues and went all over taking photos of them “running.” Armed with little more than the 3D printed objects, a DSLR camera, and a tripod, the photographer managed to create a stunning video that captures your imagination for a couple of minutes.

Even though these types of shots are preferred by indie filmmakers across the globe due to their relatively low cost, stop motion is popular even in Hollywood. One recent big hit at the box office was the Lego Movie, which was produced using the same technique, albeit with Lego toys rather than 3D printed babies.

stop motion video

If you pause the video on the frames where passersby appear, you can see their various reactions.

Over the years I’ve seen a ton of stop motion videos, but the ones where imagination plays the center role are the best, by far. This video from Eran Amir is easily in the top five stop motion videos in my book. What do you think of it?

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