First Ever LEGO Fine Art Photography Show

Macro photographers love to photograph flowers, insects, and snowflakes, but did you know some also love collecting and shooting toys? Seattle-based photographer Shelly Corbett has a collection of over 1,000 LEGO pieces and plans to shoot all of them. The Bryan Ohno Gallery in Seattle is holding an exhibition featuring three artists from around the world who shoot primarily with LEGO:

The show, In LEGO, We Connect, will feature Corbett from Seattle, Vesa Lehtimaki from Helsinki, and Boris Vanrillaer from Stockholm. Taking LEGO minifigures around the world and posing them for photographs has earned each of them thousands of Instagram followers, but this fine art show may be the first time photos of LEGO figurines have made it into a gallery. Attracting people of all ages, the photographers get a chance to show off their work on a larger scale.

lego macro

macro snow star wars

toy explorer photo

The macro photographs give the small toys a sense of scale and realism that can, on a larger scale, capture our imaginations or give us that feeling of nostalgia.

Corbett says,

“My goal is to take one beautiful photo of every single one of them so I’ll be doing this for a while.”

Maybe if we search through Mom’s attic we can find some new inspiration for our next photo project!

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