Rules of Wildlife Photography: Don’t Feed the Animals

It can’t really be stressed enough that you should never feed wildlife. It causes them to become accustomed to humans and develop strange and oftentimes dangerous habits. Not to mention, it goes against the moral code of nature and wildlife photographers everywhere. In the video below, one man captured one of these odd behaviors on camera after a curious deer walked up to his front porch and got a little curious:

While the person who made the video maintains that he did not, nor would he ever feed a wild animal, it’s clear that someone, perhaps a neighbor, has been feeding this deer. (Via PetaPixel.)


Deer Tastes Camera

Yes, when the deer licks the camera (a ContourROAM2) one’s heart does tend to melt a little. And while most individuals who feed animals think they are doing the animals a favor, in the long run, they are actually creating a very serious problem.

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