Portraits of Indigenous People in a Modern World: Native, Interesting Project

“For many, native and indigenous peoples seem invisible, like relics of the past. But native peoples haven’t disappeared, we’ve modernized.”

This is the idea behind photographer Kiliii’s latest project, NATIVE, in which he travels the Pacific North Rim capturing the faces of indigenous people and how they have embraced the modern world, yet kept their traditions alive:

As an indigenous person himself, Kilii Fish says that he feels close to nature and that it influences the style of his photography. His photographs often mimic the unique lighting and tones found in nature, and they often tell a story rather than simply capture a moment. He also mentions that he has discovered a strong resiliency in the faces of his subjects, a theme he did not originally intend to incorporate, but naturally became a part of his project.

“Though every place I visited looked unique, one thing remained the same, I could feel the strength behind my subjects eyes.”

indigenous portraiture

Portrait photography of the modern-day Native American

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