Portrait Lighting on Location Tutorials

Do you ever feel like taking portraits is a roll of the dice? Sometimes the pictures work out great, but other times you end up with washed out faces or harsh shadows. It’s both frustrating and disappointing. This complete photography course aims to cover everything you need to know to get consistent, quality results while on location. Found here: Portrait Lighting on Location

portrait lighting on location

Portrait Lighting on Location Course

The course was made for beginner and intermediate photographers who want to learn how to use natural light and flash to take great portraits. You’ll discover:

  • How your camera responds to light and how to adjust the settings, whether you need to learn the basics or just want a refresher
  • How to recognize the properties of natural lighting and get to know the equipment needed to work with it
  • How to pose your subject to take advantage of the light, to flatter them, and get the photos you want
  • How to use lighting equipment, including what you need, and what you won’t need to use
  • How to use on and off-camera flash for indoor and outdoor locations

With over six hours of content, two dozen professional quality instructional videos, and almost 300 pages of course notes covering every aspects of natural light and off-camera flash, the course strives to teach you exactly how use light to flatter your subjects and get the photos you want every single time.

natural light flash

A step-by-step guide to using natural light and off-camera flash

What’s Covered?

  • ISO, shutter speed, aperture
  • Reflective and incident metering
  • Histograms: How to read and use them
  • Using exposure compensation
  • Focus – where / how / mode
  • Custom white balance using a gray card
  • Hard versus soft light
  • Why shadows are good
  • How to use shadows to create lighting patterns to flatter people
portrait lighting course

Gain the confidence to capture stunning portraits anywhere anytime

  • Reflectors, light meters and gray cards
  • Speedlights and remote triggers
  • Remote triggers, light meters
  • Light stands and tripods
  • Umbrellas and softboxes
  • Lighting ratios
  • Lighting patterns
  • Facial views
  • Angle of view, posing tips
  • How to balance natural light and flash
  • Use one or multiple flashes
  • Learn to use exposure compensation
  • Understand sync-speed and how it affects your photos.
  • In studio portrait examples
  • On location indoors with natural light
how to light portraits

Some example photos from the course

  • On location indoors with flash
  • Outdoors with natural light and flash
  • Outdoors during golden hour

Course Format

  • Over 6 hours of video instruction broken down into short, manageable lessons
  • 240+ pages of course notes supporting the video instruction
  • Quizzes after each lesson to quickly test yourself so you can be confident and feel ready to move on to the next lesson
  • Printable cheat sheets of diagrams and helpful step-by-step notes to print and take on location with you
  • Lifetime access and updates so you’ll always have access to current and newly released lessons and webinar recordings
  • Ongoing support through regular live webinars

Found here: Portrait Lighting on Location

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