Polaroid Photo Transparency Tutorial

Polaroid cameras were very popular when they came out. The convenience of not having to wait for days or weeks to get the prints made them immensely popular. But what if I told you that there’s more that you can do with the photos that come out. If you want, you can even use the image as a transparency to project the image using a slide projector. Follow this easy to follow video from MiNT Camera to know how:

How to Make a Polaroid Transparency

materials or making a polaroid transparency

Start with a fully developed Polaroid picture.

Use a razor blade to carefully cut away the side and bottom edges of the film.

cut away polaroid frame

Cut the black tabs at the bottom of the image.

how to remove transparent layer from polaroid

Gently peel up the front layer.

peel away polaroid layer

Use the knife to separate the transparency from the backing.

cut apart polaroid film

art with polaroids

The process separates the image from the white background of the film, and you’re now free to use it in any creative way you want!

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