Photoshop Actions Bundle for Quick Effects and Editing

This deal includes 14 premium Photoshop actions sets that are currently being sold by, adding up to 205 individual actions ($238 value). With this collection of actions at your disposal you will be able to apply a wide range of effects to your photos with just a click. They include vintage effects, HDR effects, cross processing, black and white effects, sunset and sunrise effects, light leaks, and more. We reached out and were able to arrange a 93% discount for PictureCorrect readers for a week which has expired. Sorry about that. Stay tuned to see what’s next!

photoshop actions bundle

Photoshop Actions Bundle at 93% off this week

The actions are non-destructive, leaving your original photo layer untouched, and the adjustment layers can be edited and customized to suit your needs. It is also interesting to see how the effects are built by analyzing the layers and settings applied through the actions, I learned a lot just by applying a few to my photos.

Photoshop Action Sets Included in the Bundle:

  • Sunrise and Sunset Actions
  • Black and White Actions
  • Faux HDR Actions
  • Autumn Actions
  • Vintage Actions Vol. 1, 2, and 3
  • Cross Processing Actions
  • Natural Light Actions
  • Soft Colors Actions
  • Faded and Hazy Actions
  • Light Leaks Actions
  • Monochromatic Actions
  • Tone Adjustments Actions

If you’re not familiar with the process of installing Photoshop actions, it’s quite easy. There are instructions included in the bundle and they can also be seen here: installing photoshop actions

Also, all of the layers and adjustment layers can be edited if you would like to customize the action to get a slightly different result.

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4 responses to “Photoshop Actions Bundle for Quick Effects and Editing”

  1. Irfan says:

    Are these applicable to PSE10 as well ?

    • Marc says:

      Hi Irfan,
      No, these actions are not compatible with Elements. They require the full version of Photoshop (CS4 or newer). We may be releasing some actions for Elements in the future, but these actions are intended for the full version of PS.

  2. Alfred Alarcon says:

    I’m new to this but is Photoshop actions a program by it self or can it be use with said Lightroom 5 and Elements 11? Thank you.

    • Marc says:

      Hi Alfred,
      Photoshop actions are not a program, they are basically a script that runs in Photoshop to accomplish certain tasks. They are not compatible with Lightroom. If you’re using Lightroom the equivalent product would be Lightroom presets. Some actions do work with Elements but others do not. Most of our actions use adjustment layers that are not available in Elements, so the full version of Photoshop is required.

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