Photography Exercise: Try Taking Only Five Shots a Day

If you have ever tried film photography, you’ll know how cautious you tend to be before pressing the shutter release. Unlike with digital cameras, film is finite. This is one of the core reasons that make us think hard before taking an image. And when you think about it, taking time can positively impact your creativity, too. So what if you treat your digital camera as an analog one and intentionally limit the number of shots you take? Will that help you take better images? In today’s video, photographer Nigel Danson puts this theory to the test. Let’s see how he fares:

Danson heads out with a target to take just five shots. Yes, you read that right: just five. When you think about it, shooting five frames with a modern-day camera can be a matter of half a second. Imagine how patient you must be when parsing them out over an entire day.

“It really makes you concentrate a lot more—think about what you’re doing a lot more.”

It’s not just a matter of composition, either. You need to be absolutely certain of the focus, lighting and—most importantly—the moment. So this exercise can definitely help you to sharpen your technical skills while bolstering your creative thinking.

We highly recommend you give this exercise a try. While you will realize how digital photography has kind of spoiled us, you will also end up developing a better eye for composition along with a meaningful creative vision.

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