Photographing Ice Climbers in the Dark

Shooting in the dark is almost impossible, but not if you use the right equipment. Or at least this was what Nikon ambassador photographer Kamil Tamiola tried to achieve with state-of-the-art camera and lighting equipment.

Set in the icy mountains of Cogne, in Italy, Kamil was joined by ice climber, mountain guide and rescue instructor Jeff Mercier to produce mesmerizing commercial photographs with a completely different light. Take a quick look, as Kamil explains his epic adventure shooting at night:

The Nikon D4 Kamil is using is said to be the main star of the setup — and certainly it can deliver you astonishing low light results, but we all know how deceiving it can be if you have no idea how to properly use the equipment (both camera and light) you have in your hands, and the ability to manipulate them, in order to reproduce the exact look you have in mind.

Once you get familiar with that, you can try your hand at adventure sports photography at night:


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