Photographer Shares Tips from First Real Estate Shoot

Real estate photography is a very lucrative genre of photography. However, as profitable as it may be, it demands a lot of effort as well. After all, your images will need to produce results—they should generate leads, pique interest and honestly convey the reality of the building. If you’re looking forward to establishing your career as a real estate photographer, we have the right video for you today. Photographer Gene Nagata shares his experience of photographing real estate and offers some useful tips for real estate photography in the process:

As you can see in the video, there are a lot of things you need to consider. The job is not as simple as just showing up onsite and immediately taking photos.

To start, you should pay attention to verticals. Make sure that all pillars, walls, doors, windows and anything else that’s straight appears straight. Depending on what focal length you are using and how you hold the camera, those may appear slanted. While you can straighten them in post, getting them straight right in-camera is best.

And don’t make the mistake of getting stuck with one focal length and one perspective. Shorter focal lengths in the range of 15-35mm usually work best with real estate photography. Play around in that range and see how you can get the best images. Also, depending on whether you’re photographing the driveway, a bedroom or the kitchen, you’ll need to change the angle you’re shooting from. You can see in the video how Nagata works with that.

Like with any other genre of photography, lighting is the key. With real estate photography, you want your images to appear as bright as possible. It makes the images look aesthetically pleasing and more inviting. And when photographing the exterior, golden hour light—renowned for landscape photographers—can be harsh for real estate photography. See how Nagata waits for twilight, turns up all the lighting in the house and takes an absolutely beautiful image of the building.

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