Photo Shoot Location Ideas in the Average City

Locations play a pivotal role in adding interest to images. The background adds aesthetic value and also helps in providing context. However, not all of us are lucky enough to be living in areas with beautiful locations. But don’t let that discourage you: there’s always someplace that’s picture-worthy. You just need to know where and how to look.

To help you develop a creative vision and find amazing looking locations, we have photographer Jessica Kobeissi with some tips:

With a creative vision, it’s very easy to transform any place into a photo shoot location. Kobeissi beautifully demonstrates how you can use public spaces as your venue and get fantastic results. Parks of any size can be ideal places to take photos with a model. Keep an eye out for tables, benches, swings and slides.

You can also look for eye-catching walls around your city. Walls with graffiti, old and grungy walls, colorful walls or walls with interesting textures: all of these can work as a great background.

Even that flowery bush on a sidewalk that you must’ve ignored many times can work. As Kobeissi demonstrates, having your subject sit close to a bush while you photograph them using something like an 85mm lens at a wide aperture can produce a beautiful result. The narrow field of view along with the shallow depth of field will help you get rid of distractions.

For more ideas, be sure to watch the video until the end. If you’ve been struggling with finding locations to photograph, you’ll definitely be inspired by Kobeissi’s brilliant ideas.

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