Photo Prank: Just How Many Photos Will a Stranger Take for You?

We’ve all been the victims of seemingly endless photo shoots for strangers. We’ve been out walking when we’re asked to take a photo for someone. Before we know it, we’ve been handed several phones or cameras and perhaps even asked to do re-takes for a group of people on their special night out. And we’ve probably been the culprits, too!

As photographers, we readily help out others asking for a “quick” snapshot. But how far will some individuals go to achieve the group photo dreams of others? This is exactly what the hosts of The Chaser wanted to find out:

Passersby are put to the test in this hilarious social experiment to find out just how many photos we are willing to take for a random group of people.

The first individual stops to snap a single photo while on a run. The second person takes a generous (yet hesitant) 16 photos before hurrying off to work.


But apparently there are utter group-photo-taking champions that walk among us. One kind man captures a total of 39 photos with everything from a simple digital camera, a DSLR with a telephoto lens, a professional film camera (on a dolly!), and even a painted portrait! The best part is that he doesn’t even protest until after the thirty-ninth photo, complaining the group was “asking for too much.”

Kudos to you my friend—we certainly know who to call to supply our ceaseless group portrait needs!

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