Overcoming Issues in Photography

For many of us, photography started off just as a hobby. A major risk that runs with activities being labeled as hobbies is that they might often get pushed to the side. Especially during difficult times, it’s our hobbies and interests that we tend to forego first. That’s why it’s quintessential that you make it a priority to keep on looking for ways to keep yourself motivated and keep the creative juices flowing. In today’s video, photographer Adam Karnacz talks about 5 specific issues in photography that can block your creativity and also shares some tips on overcoming such hurdles:

There can be quite a number of reasons why you start losing interest in photography. While some reasons are external, most of them are well within your control. For instance, see if you’re taking fewer photos just because you’re feeling lazy. If you’re actively coming up with reasons not to go out with your camera, it’s probably because you’re getting lazy about it. In such cases, what you need to realize is that it’s hard work that pays off in the end. Initially, you will need to force yourself to continue taking photos until it becomes a habit again.

“We come up with these ultra imaginative reasons to justify doing absolutely nothing.”

Then there are times when you come down with a case of photographer’s block. You just don’t feel inspired. Try spicing things up a bit. Work with different kinds of gear if you can, try changing genres, and make friends who are into photography and go out with them. You can help each other out and learn quite a bit from each other.

Karnacz also touches on other psychological and behavioral factors that keep you from progressing in photography, like the feeling of inferiority and jealousy. If you have a feeling that you’re drifting away from photography, definitely watch Karnacz’s video all the way through. It will surely help to get you back into photography.

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