Norway: Breathtaking Scenes from the Land of Fjords and Midnight Sun

Norway is one of the most beautiful European countries. It has breathtaking natural wonders, but also stunning cities. And, it’s so often on lists of the happiest countries, that it should definitively be on your bucket list! Norway is a colorful and lively place and it’s a wonderland for photographers:

norway, houses, red, roofs

photo by Sten Dueland

norway, cliff, pulpit, rock

photo by Ken Douglas

sheep, norway, nature, mountains

photo by edwademd

norway, houses, nature

photo by Samantha

norway, reine, lofoten

photo by melenama

Have you visited Norway? If you have some shots taken there, feel free to share them here!

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One response to “Norway: Breathtaking Scenes from the Land of Fjords and Midnight Sun”

  1. David Lee says:

    Norway is an incredible place. Every landscape photographer should travel there at least once in his or her life. Just pick the location depending upon the season you intend to go. Northern lights during winter or midnight sun during summer.

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