This Creative Travel Timelapse Tackles Your European Bucket List in 2 Minutes

A lot of people have bucket lists. Some are travel-related or experiential; others involve personal or career goals. But photographer Piotr Wancerz tackled a European travel bucket list for Topdeck Travel, and he documented it in pretty epic proportions.

A sequence that begins with a would-be traveler flipping wistfully through a travel guide suddenly immerses viewers in a whirlwind European tour—timelapse-style—taking us through destination cities like Venice, Barcelona, and Paris:

The video, which Wancerz edited using After Effects, features creative motion effects, mesmerizing transitions, and, of course, stunning European locations ranging from bustling canals to pristine alpine vistas.

Italy travel photography

Switzerland travel photography

Europe travel photography

The locations included in the hyperlapse video are: Prague, Czech Republic; Venice, Italy; Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland; Barcelona, Spain; Paris, France; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Berlin, Germany; and Krakow, Poland.

“What I like about travel is watching totally different sceneries, and meeting new people. But what I really love about it is actually this moment when I come back home and realize how much I’ve learned about our own culture even though I was away…”

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