National Geographic’s Top 10 Photos of 2012

The National Geographic name has always been synonymous with outstanding imagery, and for decades their magazine has displayed some of the finest photojournalism in the world. In this video, Nat Geo shows a collection of their top 10 photos for 2012 and gives a little back story on each one:

With National Geographic, it’s not all about the composition or lighting or technical difficulty of the shot. It’s about the story behind the photo and the moment that it’s captured. Also notice the variety of ways the photos are taken. Some are color, some black and white. Some digital, some film. One even appears to be a double exposure. It just goes to show there’s no one perfect set of gear or technique to capture every shot.

“We at National Geographic magazine love photography. But we especially love photography that tells meaningful stories in unforgettable ways.”

nat geo best photos

Photo of a rarely seen medicine man

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