Magazine Article Photography Session: Behind the Scenes

I’m sure all of us at one point or another have looked at a photo in a magazine and wondered, How did they get that shot? What was the lighting setup? Well here’s a short timelapse video that may answer a few of your questions. There’s no discussion of the setup, but the video does a good job of showing the basics of a magazine shoot as far as lights, background, props, and subject interaction:

Much of this may seem pretty basic to those who have done professional photo shoots, but what really got me is how much Brandon Hill steps in to direct his subject and the way he explains exactly what he wants to capture. He’s not just standing next to his camera snapping photos and keeping his ideas in his head. He’s communicating with his subject in an active manner. This seems just as important as the photography aspect in capturing a good image.

directing subject

Actively working with subject to create an image

breaking bread

Final Image

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