Lightroom Photo Editing: 5 Hacks

Lightroom is undoubtedly one of the most popular software that many photographers use to make adjustments to their images. On the same note, it packs tons of features; so much that many find it overwhelming. So, as photographers, while we’ll ultimately be spending quite some time with Lightroom, why not learn some hacks to make our workflow more efficient? In today’s video, photographer Adam Karnacz shares 5 Lightroom hacks that can really improve your photos:

Spot removal, guided transformation, clarity & texture, and radial filters – these are some of the features that we use quite often in Lightroom. But as it seems, we’re just grazing the surface. There’s so much that these features can do, and also there are better ways of using it. Karnacz shows you how you can use these features to their full potential to edit your photos better.

Also, since most of us post our work on social media after we’re done editing, he also shares a quicker way you can do it. There’s quite an easy way we can get the edited photos instantly in our phones using Lightroom. Be sure to watch the video until the end to learn how.

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