Lighting for Liquid Composite Photography

Being able to freeze the movement of water at precisely the right moment requires good timing on the photographer’s behalf, but also very good lighting. The professionals over at Aurum Light Studio have pretty much nailed the art of water photography down to a science, and luckily for us, they’ve produced a behind the scenes look at one of their photo shoots to help aspiring water photographers learn a few tricks of the trade. Take a look at the informative video below:

A portion of the video compares a few leading studio head and packs with the clear winner surprisingly being the less expensive Einsteins.

photographing water

“The conclusion is that if you want to start shooting liquids, you don’t have to spend a lot of money.”

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One response to “Lighting for Liquid Composite Photography”

  1. Tony Boicelli says:

    Although fascinating, I don’t think I can pull this off with my three Yongnuo speedlites, nor do I think my wife would ever let me throw liquids onto semi-nude women in my garage. A guy can dream though…

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