Light Painting Photography in an Abandoned Prison

Almost anyone can be a photographer, but not everyone goes out of their way to capture powerful and moving images. For those who do, the journeys they find themselves on can lead to many out-of-the-way places. In the video below, photographer Mike Palmer takes his team up the banks of the Wanapetei River in Northeastern Ontario to explore a long-abandoned prison:

The Burwash Correctional Facility opened in 1914 and closed just 69 years later. Once home to hundreds of inmates, it’s now a hauntingly beautiful setting for some eerie photography.

Abadoned Prison

Though the day time offers great natural lighting, Palmer finds that the nighttime can also offer some creative options, including light painting. He set his camera to take a long exposure and then used his flashlight to paint the scene with light. (The only other equipment he used was a cable release and a tripod.)

Light Painting

For Palmer, the best part of photography is that it creates both a desire and a purpose for exploring his surroundings. On this trip he included a canoe trip and a night out camping. He even used a BioLite Campstove that converts heat energy to battery power to charge his GoPro.

Abandoned Prison Photography

  “Sometimes beauty is found in the strangest places. The only way to find out is to go see for yourself.”

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