Lenses for Nature and Bird Photography

 When talking about bird and nature photography, there’s one name that must be mentioned. Arthur Morris, an inspiring veteran photographer from Canon, teaches and instructs you extensively on a (really) wide range of lenses to use in this kind of shooting.

With his highly educational sense and practical speaking, Arthur will approach several Canon lenses, from the fisheye 8-15mm up to the grand 800mm f/5.6L IS, describing specifically which one is used to get those astonishing results. In this two-hour inspiring session, you will be shown several examples of Arthur’s work and will be lectured on the lens equipment behind each shot, the tips and the tricks from his extensive nature and bird photography experience, as well as a short introduction to exposure and image design:

Arthur Morris is a freelance nature photographer and writer specializing in birds, who became a contract photographer at Canon, regarding their “Explorers of Light” program. He has been featured in several Canon books and commercials for the past years, and now (besides photographing) Morris is a full-time traveler, speaker and a teacher in North America and around the world.


“It ain’t the lens. God’s honest truth, I don’t feel I have any special talent — the only talent that I’ve had for the last 28 or 29 years is the willingness to work hard, trying to be good at what I love to do.”

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