The Landscape Photography Recipe Cards at 64% Off

Struggling to consistently create eye-catching landscape images? Professional landscape photographer Brent Mail just marked down his Landscape Photography Recipe Cards, with proven short-cut secrets on how to capture stunning landscape images in tough situations. We were able to negotiate a 64% discount for our readers today if you want to check them out. Deal found here: The Landscape Photography Recipe Cards at 64% Off

landscape photography recipe cards

New: The Landscape Photography Recipe Cards

Imagine it: You’re at your favorite beach, mountain, or forest setting this weekend. You follow the simple steps from one of the ‘recipe’ cards. And you capture a breathtaking image straight away. No more frustration with inconsistent results. By following a proven ‘recipe’ you can quickly improve your photography skills and gain the confidence to capture professional results.

Topics Covered:

  • How to Create Amazing Landscape Photos: By following my proven “Recipe” you will be photographing landscapes like a professional – fast!
  • Quick & Easy: The ‘Landscape Recipe Cards’ are the quickest and easiest way to short-cut your way to taking amazing landscape photos.
  • Photo Cheat Sheet: The photographer has distilled decades of landscape photography experience onto each card.
  • Short-cut Your Learning Curve by simply modelling what he did to capture & polish these 10 stunning landscape images.
  • Get the Original Images & Presets: Download the original RAW images and the finished presets to learn how to polish your images like a pro.
  • Tips & Tricks on how to get your landscape images to POP!
landscape images

Landscape photography techniques and secrets.

Each RECIPE CARD Includes:

  • Ingredients: The exact equipment and camera settings to use.
  • Prep: How to prepare for the photo shoots, what to bring along.
  • Cook: How to capture each image and why to use certain settings.
  • Presentation: The optimal Lightroom settings for post-production.
  • Chefs Pro Tips: His short-cut secrets to make it easy for you to replicate these amazing photos.
  • Simply follow these easy instructions to get amazing landscape photos every time you pick up your camera, no matter what scene you encounter.

Bonus 1: Original Raw Images

Includes the original full resolution RAW images so that you can see exactly how Brent photographed each scene. The quickest way to learn photography is to model good images. Includes 10 RAW images from these epic landscape photo shoots.

landscape recipes

Proven “recipes” for capturing great landscapes

Bonus 2: Lightroom Presets

Includes Lightroom Presets so that you can apply them to the RAW images and learn exactly how he post processed these images to make them pop! Includes Brent’s “Starting Point for Landscapes” Lightroom Preset and 10 fully finished LR Presets from each of the 10 Recipe Cards.

About the author: Brent Mail is a professional landscape photographer based in Australia. He has been teaching photography workshops for many years, and has helped thousands of photographers get better at their craft.

How to Get the Landscape Recipe Cards for a Discount Today:

We were able to negotiate a 64% discount for our readers which ends soon (normally $79, currently just $29). It also comes 30 day happiness guarantee so there’s no risk in trying them.

Offer found here: The Landscape Photography Recipe Cards at 64% Off

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