Landscape Photography at Night: The Essential Guide

Landscape photography at night can be be difficult to capture, but it holds the potential to reveal images way beyond what can be seen by the human eye. The primary eBook by professional landscape photographer Alister Benn is the product of three intensive years shooting & refining techniques while traveling to locations all over the world.

night landscape photography

Night Landscape Photography Tutorial eBook Bundle

Seeing the Unseen is designed to be straightforward enough for beginners to night photography to get out in the field quickly, or for extremely experienced night specialists to get the most from those more challenging situations. Single and Multiple Frame techniques are covered in detail, including using Graduated Neutral Density Filters at night, the Magic Glove Technique, and of course, stacking star trails.

With the coming of night, our light slows down, metaphorically. Even on a bright moonlit night we are dealing with exposures of several seconds, and the darker it gets, the longer these images take to make. The frenetic pace of modern life is forced to slow down as we methodically work our way through the problem solving involved in taking images in the dark.

It is a discipline wrapped in as much mystery as the shrouded night scenes themselves. For decades taking quality images at night was the pursuit of professional photographers only, those dedicated to working through the problems of how film would react over numbers of hours.

With the arrival of Digital SLR’s and their immediate results, histograms and RAW files, the mastery of night photography is at the fingertips of anyone with the patience to try.

The eBooks Included in This Deal:

  • A Practical Guide to Exposure (57 Pages)
  • An Introduction to Night Photography (27 Pages)
  • Seeing the Unseen – How to Photograph Landscapes at Night (96 Pages)

Some of the Many Topics Covered:

  • Light Painting
  • Light Pollution
  • The Lunar Month
  • The Science and Elements of Preparation
  • Scene Evaluation – available night light luminosity
  • High ISO Test Shots
  • Focus at Night
  • The 500 Rule – sharp stars
  • Exposure – metering, shutter speed, aperture, ISO, noise & underexposure, the histogram, correct exposure, white balance, and RAW
  • Dynamic Range – limitations, single vs multiple exposures
  • Single Exposures – introduction, Lightroom4, graduated ND filters, magic glove, light painting
  • Multiple Exposures – introducation, bracketing & blending, stacking
night guide pages

Pages from the Night Landscape Photography

  • Composition – communication & expression, visualization in the dark, hyperfocal distance, depth of field
  • Stars – static of streaking, direction, finding polaris
  • The Moon – twilight, at night
  • Field Guide
  • Blue Hour – single & multiple exposures
  • Dark Nights – single & multiple exposures
  • Bright Nights – single & multiple exposures
  • Equipment Guide

This eBook will provide you with the tools to produce unique images, sure to impress and captivate your viewers. Still, remember to also take the time to appreciate and revel in the experience of spending a night outdoors. Great images are more than just impressions of light; they are also reflections of the person who created them.

“The use of many of these techniques for night images is still in its infancy, and everyone who is out there trying, because of books like this, is helping to pioneer the art form. The coming decade will push the boundaries further as DSLR sensor technology and digital processing continues to open new ground. We really are riding on the crest of the wave in this field.” -Alister Benn

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  1. George Maupin says:

    It is a great bundle of eBooks. Seeing the Unseen is worth it alone.

  2. Chez says:

    Looks like a great book. Just what I need to get started

  3. Alan Mason says:

    After having entered my discount code, my shopping basket still want to take USD 20.00 and not USD15.00 as advertised.

    How do i purchase the book at USD 15.00?

  4. jan says:

    thanks for the discount. I just bought the bundle..

  5. Phy says:

    @Alan update your cart

  6. ernaldo says:

    Looks good, but I won’t pay that kind of money for an E-book……

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