Japan Time-lapse Photography

Photographer Brad Kremmer set out to capture Japan using his Canon 5D MKII. Kremer edited together the results of his labors to create a moving portrait of Japan in his time lapse film, Hayuku: A Time Lapse Journey Through Japan. The film is an eight minute long journey through many parts of Japan, including popular locations such as Tokyo, Nagano, and Matsuyama. Take a moment and enjoy:

The film is made entirely from a collection of over 1.5 terabytes of RAW photographs, which were then edited and set to motion using time lapse techniques. When gathering footage for Hayuku, Kremer noted he used the Mumford Moco for motion control on all the pan shots seen in the film. His Mumford setup also included the Mumford Rotary Table and a self-made dolly to assist in achieving the slow moving motion apparent throughout the film.

Though the Mumford rig did most of the heavy work in regards to camera movement, all of the zooms in the film were done during post production. Most of the shots were through a 70-200mm 2.8 lens, however, Kremmer adds, “The tilt shift shots were with a Canon 90mmTS 2.8.”

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7 responses to “Japan Time-lapse Photography”

  1. Tran says:

    Awesome !! I love it.

  2. Georg Pauwen says:

    Awesome ! That must have taken a long time to shoot, and to process. Great job !

  3. Joseph says:

    That was outstanding ! What was the name of the song?

  4. Alan Mason says:

    I simply love time line photography. The music in this particular video seems to be very jumpy – always stopping and starting. is the author able to explain this?

  5. Rhemzis says:

    Now that is monumental!

  6. Tiffany M says:

    Joseph, the name of the song is “Triumphant” and is performed by Royksopp.

  7. Ann Courtney says:

    Wonderful work – certainly a neat way to see a country!

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