New: Intuitive Composition Photo Guide & Cheat Sheets

If you understand composition, you can capture stunning images even in ordinary situations. We all understand the importance of composition, but very few of us really master it. It can be difficult to retain the information of an in-depth guide on the subject, that’s why the new Intuitive Composition comes in two parts: A 330-page, richly illustrated ebook and 50 cheat sheets on the most important topics. It is currently 80% off for the first 500 customers in case you want to check it out. Found here: Intuitive Composition Launch Sale

intuitive composition

New: Intuitive Composition (peek inside)

The ebook and cheat sheets are neatly organised into seven key categories.

1. Basic Rules + 6 Cheat Sheets

From the rule of thirds to the golden ratio… all composition starts with the basic rules of subject placement.

If you can get this right, you’ll add more depth and interest to your photos. And then you can add more advanced composition rules on top.

2. Framing + 4 Cheat Sheets

Whatever doesn’t add to an image, takes away from it.

If you want your photography to stand out, you have to make decisions about what makes an image look great.

intuitive composition cards

Cheat Sheets from Intuitive Composition

And framing allows you to add context to your photos… while removing anything that may distract from it.

3. Perspective + 6 Cheat Sheets

Shooting from eye level is the most common way to take photos, but you shouldn’t stop there.

Low angle, high angle, birds-eye-view…

A fresh perspective can transform an ordinary scene into an abstract work of art… while including more context about what you’re shooting.

perspective composition

Perspective Concepts in Composition

4. Leading the Eye + 14 Cheat Sheets

If you want to tell stories with your photos, you have to lead your viewers’ eyes to the most important part of the frame.

This can range from using triangles and curves to dynamic tension.

As leading the eyes is one of the most important things to master, this topic has the most cheat sheets.

5. Balance + 9 Cheat Sheets

From pleasing and harmonious to uncomfortable and unresolved… there is a sense of balance in every photo we capture.

We have to be intentional about the feelings we want to evoke and balance is one of the best tools for that.

It gives us total control over the impact our images have. And simple tips like symmetry and juxtaposition can make all the difference.

balance composition

Balance Concepts in Composition

6. Light and Colour + 5 Cheat Sheets

From silhouettes and shadows to light direction and the colour wheel… Light and colour play a huge role in your composition.

If you get the light right, you can turn ordinary scenes into stunning works of art.

Images with strong light and colour can evoke powerful feelings in a viewer – regardless of the contents of the scene.

7. Principles of Design + 5 Cheat Sheets

These are some of the most advanced rules of composition. And they will allow you to take more interesting images.

Looking for patterns… rhythm… harmony… and movement in your scenes will come naturally when you know what to look for.

And you’ll start to see beautiful moments in your everyday life.

composition cheat sheet

1 of the 50 Included Cheat Sheets (see more within)

A well-designed cheat sheet can make even the most complicated concepts easy to grasp.

And they serve as handy reminders when you’re shooting in the field.

How to Get Intuitive Composition for a Discount Today:

Intuitive Composition is currently 80% off for the first 500 customers ($39). They have also thrown in bonus cheat sheets and an extra chapter covering composition rules in practice. It all comes with an impressive 90 day happiness guarantee so there’s no risk in trying it.

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