Intriguing Music Video Shows Singer Being Photoshopped in Real Time

As more and more people are becoming aware of the dramatic changes that can be made to portraits using tools like Photoshop, the term Photoshopped is being heard more frequently. Many people are starting to speak out against the unrealistic way in which models are transformed for editorial, fashion, and commercial photographs. In this creative music video by Boggie, you can see a live view of the singer herself being “shopped” and transformed into an almost new person:

The video was made using Adobe After Effects by layering multiple videos, each one showing the singer in different hair, makeup, and lighting to create the effect. Each of the videos had to be shot separately.


A scene from Boggie’s video.

In the image above, you can see a some of the progress of the edits being made throughout the image as the brightness and contrasts are adjusted to give the singer a different look. Boggie hopes to bring awareness to the fact that images are being manipulated and served to the general public as real.

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2 responses to “Intriguing Music Video Shows Singer Being Photoshopped in Real Time”

  1. Lois Bryan says:

    I know this is supposed to be a bad thing, but I think it’s cool as anything!!! Great song, too!!

  2. Meggin says:

    I love the song and thought this was really great to watch. Can’t say it changed m mind about Photoshop. Made me want that program.

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