Inside The Bag of a Film Photographer

Film photographers, like their digital counterparts, have an arsenal of gear and accessories to help achieve the results they want. Today, we have photographer Kyle McDougall who takes you through his go-to film photography gears including camera, lenses, and other accessories:

McDougall shows us what he keeps in his camera bag he showcases are not exactly what beginners and amateurs would call affordable. They’re definitely not basic ones and are not show-offs either. He owns them for a purpose. For instance, the details and tones that 35mm films capture are not enough for him. That’s why you see him using medium format cameras from Pentax.

An interesting learning from the video is that every gear that you own should ideally have a rationale behind it. Some gears mean business and you get most of your job done using them. Then there are some gears that help you need sometimes to accomplish a specific purpose. And finally, you can also have accessories, like filters in McDougall’s case, that add some creative effect to your work.

In a world where brands try to lure you into buying new cameras, you need to understand your own need first and get yourself the gears accordingly. Get something that suits the type of work that you do.

Be sure to watch the video if you’ve been curious about the gears that professional film photographers use. You’ll definitely get some good insight from what McDougall has in his camera bag.

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