Innovative Infrared Photography Timelapse

Infrared photography–not as wildly popular as, say, HDR, but not entirely forgotten either–is a technique that, when executed properly turns a bright blue sky to dramatic black and makes blooming green trees look like giant swabs of white cotton candy. Infrared photography is capable of producing equally eerie and beautiful images. Glen Ryan, a photographer who has seen the potential in infrared photography, is going one step farther and creating an entire timelapse video using the technique. In the video below, viewers are treated to some preliminary footage of what will become a much larger scale project. Take a sneak peak, here:

The footage above was collected in Wee Jasper, New South Wales, Australia, which is known for it’s dramatic limestone landscapes and desolate rolling countryside. The location proved to be an exceptional locale as it offered up plenty of interesting cloud patterns.

IR filters

The video is part of an exhibition Ryan is part of in Karst County, Australia. He says the edit above was geared specifically to meet the needs of public display and the forthcoming final project will most likely vary greatly. The footage was collected using the ultra-high resolution (4k) RED Scarlet and Epic cameras, both of which were outfitted with Nikon glass and R72 infrared filters. The images were post processed using CS6.

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