Infographic of Critical Photography Concepts

The journey from shooting 100 percent in auto mode to experimenting in manual mode can be a little daunting. Part of the problem is that when you’re starting out in photography there are a handful of technical terms that can act as barriers to growth.

The team at The Backdrop Store recently created this cheat sheet as a quick visual guide to help absolve some of the perplexity. It covers several of the fundamentals, such as choosing a shutter speed, aperture number, and the exposure triangle (the must haves), along with a few other topics:

exposure triangle chart

Digital Photography 101 (Click to see full size.)

ISO? Circle of confusion? Exposure compensation?

Some of us who’ve been around digital cameras for years can still stumble when it comes to explaining and using these concepts. Even for the experienced, a refresher every once in a while can be helpful.

We hope you found this useful!

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