Incredible Hyperlapse Photography of a Graffiti Artist at Work

Sure you’ve seen plenty of timelapses and hyperlapses. Those commonly made include the change in weather and light over the city skyline, or a building being constructed over several months. But I’ll bet you’ve never seen a timelapse like this. This video documents a graffiti artist as he paints and creates works or art in an old abandon building. It’s unique spin is that the camera is not stationary. It moves throughout the whole video, and not just in a simple slow panning motion, but in a more dynamic and cinematic fashion. These elaborate camera movements in conjunction with the artist’s graffiti and the electronic music, make for incredible sequences:

Unfortunately, no information is given on how the video was made. Most of these individual photos seem to be simply handheld, this would result in very shaky footage, but Adobe After Effects is now amazingly good at timelapse sequence stabilization¬†with it’s new warp stabilization engine.

And as if it wasn’t hard enough to figure out how the camera movements are done, the artist appears to duplicate himself at 2:52 and paint two sections of the wall at once. Did he painstakingly shoot the scene twice without changing the camera’s angle and track movements and then combine the two series of shots into one? Possibly…

dynamic moving timelapse graffiti artist

Notice the passage of time by how much the spots of light move in the video

Perhaps the artist chose to leave the details a mystery to make the viewers think outside the box. Great all around production.

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