How to Use Artificial Lighting for Sunset Photography

Sometimes you want to shoot a sunset. Other times you want to use the sunset light on your subjects. It’s hard to get both—you need an artificial rig facing the sunset, and you need to balance your levels so the artificial light doesn’t drown out the beautiful sunset colors behind. That’s where the RFi Speedlight Speedring can make things easy, according to this video:

It’s undoubtedly easier to work with a single light stand instead of several. Going for a broad softbox can often make your life simpler. You can manipulate whether it’s close or far and adjust the level of your flash, depending on the sun’s strength and the frame you’re shooting for, as Ning Wong demonstrates in the video.


Multiple flashes inside an octobox can effectively overpower the sun.


Without the artificial light, the couple would be silhouetted.


Both the couple and the sky are properly exposed.

“We’re using it so we can double our light output, and effectively overpower the sunset.”

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