How to Take Headshots With Continuous Lights

Continuous lighting are great to use when taking portraits; there is no guess work when trying to determine what lighting pattern you’re setting up. Since the lights never go off, you can automatically see how the light will look in your photographs. Take a look at the clip below as Jared Polin shows us how to use continuous lights to take pro level headshots:

For Polin’s light setup, he is using Kino Flo lights setup in a fashion not unlike the setup used by renowned headshot photographer Peter Hurley. You can see in this image how he had the lights situated on an angle directly in front of the model.


“The type of photos I capture generally revolve around candid images. In this case I set up a continuous light studio inside my loft to take portraits of my model. This is the furthest thing away from candid and totally out of my every day comfort zone. As scary as it may seem to veer out of your normal zone it’s something every photographer should be doing. Sure you may be good at one thing or another but the only way to get better is to experiment.”

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  1. Nice video :) Thanks for the Information.

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