How to Shoot Video with a DSLR Camera

Video is a powerful tool for photographers to take advantage of. You can use video to record your life and the people you love, to tell the stories of your clients, or to share more about your business. This new eBook/video tutorial product from PhotographyConcentrate covers everything you need to know to start making your own professional videos from your camera as well. Found here: The Photographer’s Guide to Video

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New: How to Shoot DSLR Video (Click to Learn More)

You’ll learn what cameras, lenses, and other gear to use for the best results. It breaks down the settings that are ideal for video, since it’s actually quite a bit different than photography. Then they cover what to capture, and how to capture it. You’ll learn the key components of storytelling, as well as strategies for editing your clips into an engaging video.

What’s Inside the Tutorial:

  • 149 Page eBook – Learn everything you need to know to make great videos: gear, settings, sound, how and what to shoot, storytelling, editing. It’s all covered in an easy-to-follow, fun & friendly way.
  • 9 HD Videos – Concise demonstration videos (32 mins total) show you the essential concepts in action. You’ll get to learn visually, and understand the big ideas quickly.
  • 4 Sweet Bonuses – Get 4 bonuses to make the most out of what you learn. You’ll receive a printable field guide, a practice guide, a planning worksheet, and an editing workflow cheatsheet.
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Pages from the eBook

Found here: The Photographer’s Guide to Video

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