How to Shoot Instant Film with a Large Format Camera

Believe it or not, film still exists in this digital world. In fact, Fuji still makes instant film, which Stefan Litster uses in his Zone VI large format field camera. Take a look as he walks around town taking portraits of random folks with his setup while he shares some tricks of the trade with us:

As Lister shows us in the clip, Fuju makes several varieties of instant film. For his large format camera he uses a Fuji FP-100c suited to fit a 4 x 5 instant camera back such as the Fuji PA-45. He also grabbed a package FP-3200, a black and white instant film which has recently been discontinued, but remaining stock can still be found online and at some retailers.

instant film

Lister demonstrates how to load the instant film.

While there is a learning curve to loading the films and gauging exposure times, the process isn’t overly complicated. It is recommend you use a light meter, Litster uses a Seckonic L-208 TwinMate analog meter.


Litser is able to show off a tangible photo within minutes.

Litser’s interactive project makes for a fun mix of old and newer technology that puts smiles on all of his subjects’ faces.

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