How to Keep Your Light Stands from Falling Over in the Wind

One good gust of wind and your expensive lights could hit the ground resulting in breakage and broken hearts. This scenario can be avoided, however, by using this quick little pro tip as shared by Enlight Photo:

The trick, which helps to justify over-packing your camera bag as we all like to do, is a simple fix to a potentially major problem. By simply tying the light stand to his camera bag, the light stand is much more secure due to being weighed down by the bag.


A few simple tools can make your light stands windproof.

light stand setup

A cord and an easy knot help hold down your light stand.


A simple solution for keeping your light stands upright!

Use bongo ties or a couple loops of paracord to keep on your light stand and camera bag so you are always prepared and don’t need to go through the initial hassle of having to tie up your gear every time you use it. Simple!

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  1. This was actually a really great article! Thank you for sharing the tip!

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