How to Emphasize the Subject of Your Photo

So often, we walk into a scene and find the perfect opportunity for an amazing picture. But then our camera seems to make a mess of everything. We’re left with a photo that looks nothing like what we envisioned. Sounds all too familiar? Josh Cripps deals with this common problem:

The thing is, what you see with your eyes is a subjective projection of what’s in front of you. Your eyes subconsciously exaggerate the things that your brain identifies as important. Your camera, however, works in a different way. It will only see things objectively.

How to shoot great landscape photos

Even cool landscapes can result in disappointing photos.

That is essentially why even really amazing scenes can often make disappointing photos. To counter the problem Cripps shares a couple of tips.

1. Use a wide angle lens.

Putting on a wide angle lens allows you to capture a larger view of the scene.

2. Get close.

Getting closer to your subject automatically emphasizes it.

How to emphasize your subjects

Get close to your subject to emphasize it.

Changing the camera angle like this actually makes a subject appear larger and more dramatic.

3. Shoot vertically.

Turn the camera around and shoot vertically (portrait mode) to accentuates the interesting parts of the scene even more.

verticle orientation for emphasizing photography subjects

Shoot vertically to emphasize your foreground.

Go ahead and try these simple tips. Happy shooting!

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