How to Create Business Cards for a Photography Company

Of the many avenues to land a new photography client or job, one of the most important is handing out business cards. Photographers should always carry a few business cards when they are on the job or when they are just taking photos for fun. Other marketing activities are still important of course, but meeting a potential client face-to-face and handing them a business card definitely holds a higher chance of converting into a job.

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Create a Custom Photography Business Card

I know many wedding photographers who are approached and asked for business cards at each wedding. Another peer also told me how he was able to book a big real estate photography job after being approached while taking casual cityscape photos.

There are now countless printing companies that make it very easy to develop a custom card that fits your photography style. has become a very popular outlet for business cards in the last few years and recently released an Easy Design Tool that aids users through the design process; you can essentially create and tweak your own custom design all within their platform.

1. Shape and Size Choice:

2. Create Your Design:

photography business card design

Easy Design Tool at UPrinting

3. Order Your Desired Quantity and You’re Done!

The whole process doesn’t take as long as you might think. You can always start a design, save it, and come back later if you only have limited time to work on it. When your new cards arrive you will feel more confident and organized the next time someone inquires about your photography.

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4 responses to “How to Create Business Cards for a Photography Company”

  1. Jen says:

    Polite grammatical correction: it should read “order your desired quantity and you’re done”.
    “You’re”. Not “your”.

  2. David Wilson Wilson says:

    Make a grammatical mistake like #3 and “your done” indeed!

  3. I like UPrinting…but as of late, I am much more enamored with Moo ( You can’t get the fun die-cut shapes like you can on UPrinting, but they offer business card packs, each with a unique back. The one side – the information side – remains constant through the whole set (and you can have images or graphics on that side), but you can print a different photo on the back of each business card in the entire set. If you buy 50 cards, you can have 50 photos – or just four, if you’d like. I love it because it’s like I have a mini portfolio in my pocket. And then I will show a complete set (I have 16 photos in my pack) and let them pick the photo they like the best. It’s a good ice breaker, and the person tends to cherish the card more – maybe put it out on display instead of in a drawer. I have more business cards on more bulletin boards. Sure it’s decoration to them, but it still does it’s job…whenever someone thinks of photography, they think of me first.

  4. Ron says:

    Great, and helpful products.

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