How to Create a Sunset Lighting Effect While Taking Photos Indoors

Indoor-sunset themed photo shoots are among the easiest and hottest trends you can experiment with to create cool, sexy and flattering photos to add to your portfolio. All you’re going to need in order to achieve this look are a back light, which should consist of a single bare bulb in a strobe, and a main light, which should be a warm, neutral colored bulb. You may also want to enlist the help of a standard reflector to keep your images from becoming too dark:

One of the simplest ways to flatter and encompass a sexy yet casual look is to create a controlled, indoor-sunset themed shoot. You will need the following:

  • A bare bulb strobe for back-light
  • Light gel to create a subtle sunset/sunrise effect
  • A warm, neutral colored main bulb to produce soft ethereal light on the model
  • A standard reflector to keep light on the shadowed side of the model’s face.

The most effective way to keep enough light in the shot without creating an overbearing camera reflection is too use a black cloth on the side of the lens. This will eliminate a lens flare from your shot, while lens flare is an added luxury to the indoor-sunset shot and creates a lounge-like, relaxed feel to the photos, it is usually a big no-no in the photography world. As you can see below however, in this type of shoot, it can be sexy and relaxed, which is what most photographers who do this type of shoot are aiming for.


indoor sunset

To achieve this look, use the bare-bulb strobe in the background to create the orange-y, sunset/sunrise type of light. This back-light is endlessly forgiving and flattering and is one of the easiest ways to make a sultry image really pop.  To keep from having your subject’s face washed out by all the back-light, you may want to place a main bare bulb in front of the model. This bulb should be a warm, neutral bulb as to not create too much foreground light. If your subject is still too shadowed in this low-light shoot, you can bring in a standard reflector and use it with the silver side up to cast extra light onto the face.

If the trendy-sexy, flattering back light relaxed summer look is what you’re going for, use these tips and techniques to optimize your skill and show just how gorgeous appropriate lighting can make your model look!

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