How to Avoid Double Chins in Portrait Photography

The dreaded double chin. As a portrait photographer, it’s your duty to make your models look great in their portraits. Here are five surefire ways to reduce the appearance of a double chin in your portrait photos from the Koldunov Brothers:

1. Move the Head Forward

Ask your subject to push their head slightly forward and down.

how to avoid double chins in your photos

This has an immediate effect on the double chin. It thins away the area around the chin creating a much more flattering result.

how to avoid double chin in your portrait photos

2. Change the Pose

Don’t always ask your models to pose at a right angle to the camera. Change things around a bit. Ask them to turn their body slightly toward camera right or left and then point their face to the camera.

reduce double chin

3. Create a Shadow

Raise your key light slightly higher than usual to produce a strong shadow under the chin area.

portrait photography double chins

4. Shoot from Above

Shooting from above has the effect of compressing details.

how to photograph someone with a double chin

It compresses the chin area and makes your model appear thinner than usual.

hide a double chin in portraits

5. Shoot from a Close Range

Shooting from a close range tends to thin away the double chin effect. Try shooting with different focal lengths at different distances from the subject.

Be aware that shooting from too close will create perspective distortion, enlarging the appearance of the ears and the nose. Try finding a middle ground where the face appears thinner and there is as little distortion as possible.

Do you have other tips for reducing the appearance of double chins?

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